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The purpose of this site is to highlight, America’s Native Spirit, bourbon. 95% of all bourbon made in the United States is made in Kentucky. Before Prohibition there were over 2,500 commercial distilleries in Kentucky alone. Today around 8 major distilleries remain with several smaller Craft distilleries starting up around the Commonwealth. These Kentucky distilleries have over 5.6 million barrels of Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey in their rickhouses to satisfy the world’s thirst.

It is said that all bourbon is whiskey but not all whiskey is bourbon.  The knowledge of bourbon and how to savor its distinct aromas has almost been completely lost over the past eighty years. Knowledge such as what bourbon is better drinking neat (no water or ice added), compared to which is better with water or ice added in order to reduce the proof and bring out the subtle nuances of flavors such as caramel, cinnamon, dried fruits plus a myriad of other flavors in the spirit. Certain bourbons work better in cocktails than others and can really make the cocktail pop.

Bourbon in the past and somewhat even today is considered a man's drink but in today's world women are taking the lead in consuming Kentucky's amber golden spirit. Women have a distinct advantage over men as to their ability to use their nose and palate to distinguish the different aromas and flavors produced from the grains, fermentation and barrel used in the making of bourbon.