Written Reviews on Bourbons

Think of your tongue as a day where the tip of the tongue is morning, the middle is midday, the third quarter of the tongue is afternoon, the back of the tongue is evening with the nostrils and throat being separate as late-evening. This discounts rainy or overcast days and those weird days when we have had snow in mid to late May. 

  • Early  May - The mornings are moist and crisp with a heavy dew covering the ground turning slightly warm in midday and  the afternoon quickly returning to a moist, cool and crisp evening to late-evening
  • Mid-May - The mornings are moist and crisp with a light dew covering the ground turning warmer and staying warm at midday and afternoon before turning somewhat cooler by the evening and late-evening
  • Late-May - The mornings are slightly moist and warm, staying warm through midday and into the afternoon before cooling down by evening to late-evening
  • Early-June - Same as late-May
  • Mid-June - The mornings are slightly dry and warm getting hot and dry by midday and afternoon before cooling slightly by evening to late-evening
  • Late-June - The mornings are dry and warm getting hotter and dry by midday and afternoon and staying hot into the evening before cooling slightly by late-evening
  • Early-July - Same as Late-June
  • Mid-July - The mornings are humid and very warm getting hotter and staying humid by midday and afternoon and staying humid into the evening staying hot and retaining most of the heat and humidity into the late-evening
  • Late-July to Early-August - Same as Mid-July
  • Mid-August to Mid-September - The mornings are humid and hot then getting hotter and staying humid from midday through evening  before cooling very slightly but retaining the humidity into the late-evening
  • Late-September - The mornings are cool with a reduction in humidity then from midday through evening  temperature increases slightly with low humidity before cooling considerably into the late-evening

Rev. 1.0 10/3/15

Using Kentucky Weather as a Comparison to the Warmth in Kentucky Bourbon

Bourbon In My Blood

Our Bourbon is Smooth, Our Thoroughbreds are Beautiful and Our Women are Fast - Kentucky