Written Reviews on Bourbons

Through this site I and others will give our review and thoughts on the many different Kentucky bourbons. We will only review Kentucky Bourbon. This is not to say that bourbons distilled in other states are not worth our time but there are so many distilled here in Kentucky that it will keep us busy for some time to come.

Videos on Reviewing Bourbons

One tip that I have found on YouTube under Liquorhound’s reviews of the 1792 Ridgemont Reserve is that you should never add water or ice to the 1792 Ridgemont Reserve. For some reason it changes the characteristics of the bourbon. The best way to drink it is neat or in certain cocktails. I looked through my collection of bourbons and I don’t own any at this time to understand why. I will purchase some in the future to try for myself.

Taste Tests

I plan on holding taste tests with people from the Baby Boomer generation and younger ones from my children’s generation (whatever they call themselves). The taste test subjects will be required to pour out the alcohol that they have left over in their glass so as to not become inebriated. Have no fear my youngest is going on 29 years of age. All the people that I have discussed producing videos with have confessed to their lack of knowledge when it comes to selecting a bourbon for drinking with meals, at a bar scene, in a cocktail or just relaxing at home. Another idea that I have is to take a volunteer from our group and create an amateur mixologist.


Here are some of the subjects we plan on expanding on, and there may be others added in the future.

Bourbon In My Blood

Our Bourbon is Smooth, Our Thoroughbreds are Beautiful and Our Women are Fast - Kentucky

Kentucky Interests

Interviews with Bourbon Experts

Since I live in the heart of Bourbon Country and in somewhat close proximity to the distilleries I plan on hosting people in the business from bartenders, authors on bourbon to Master Distillers.

Cocktail Recipes

With the help of mix masters from all forms of training we will be working to develop new recipes, list tried and true drinks and publish links to cocktail websites in order to enhance the experience you have with Bourbon.

Food Recipes Using Bourbon

As the general public becomes more comfortable with cooking with liquor due to the popularity of television and social media, we will be publishing recipes that we develop or linking to recipes from local and national chef’s, restaurateurs and distillery sites that will incorporate bourbon to add a new kind of complexity to your cuisine.